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Nanoleaf Gift Nanoleaf Mystery Box, Random 4 items

Product Overview

Whether you’re a risk taker or just a surprise lover, the Nanoleaf Mystery Box is perfect for you! You’ll find a special postcard and 3-4 official limited edition Nanoleaf branded goodies, valuing equal to or greater than the price of the box - it could be a hat, shaker, socks, pillow or tote bag!

What's in the Box?

  • [1] Nanoleaf Mystery Box (3-4 items)
  • [1] Special Post Card

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Teun van Beeck

Nanoleaf Anniversary | Mystery Box

Markus Burgdorf
Mystery Box

This is the second box 📦 I got and unfortunately the quality of the bottle is lower than first time (plastic now, metal then)
and compared to other Nanoleaf products the price is too high for what you get

Misery Box

Always loved Nanoleaf products since I saw the very first panels and always look/ed forward to seeing what they do/did next. I bought the ‘misery box’ expecting something…exciting, or at least something to reflect all they had done, instead what I received can only be described as disappointing and laughable. A water bottle, weird bag for life thing and a cap is poor to say the least, I’ve heard people slate Nanoleaf for their pricing and although I can see their point sometimes…usually I feel the products are reasonably priced, but after seeing the box it just hit home, I was lucky in the sense I used points to get my ‘Misery Box’ but had I known I would’ve saved them for something useful, I just feel sorry for anybody that spent actual money (£30 if I remember rightly) on this sham of a box. I personally would say it would’ve been better as a free ‘Thankyou’ gift for loyal customers…as without them Nanoleaf wouldn’t be where they are now, if they were to carry on selling the box then it should be priced lower and even a brief description of the things you might get in your box, granted it’s a ‘mystery box’ but it would at least help people get a rough idea as to whether they felt it was worth it. Would’ve loved to be positive about the product, but overall I just felt robbed/disappointed to be honest.



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