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The Dawn Doppelganger

Nanoleaf Canvas

The Dawn Doppelganger (18 Squares)

Want to sense the natural beauty of the sun's rays at dawn in your chamber of comfort? Close your eyes. Deep breath. Smile. Download the assembly guide here.

Bundle Contents:

All bundles include the above plus mounting tape, linkers, control square, 25W power supply unit, instruction manual, and assembly guide. Learn more about the Nanoleaf Canvas here. It's everything you need to get this in your home =)

Customer Reviews

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Great product with fun features! Some improvements needed.

The Nanoleaf Canvas is a nice addition to the product family. While the Light Panels have an initial "wow" factor—the triangular shape does not bode well for a purposefully discrete architectural lighting feature. The square shape of the Canvas is more appropriately up to the challenge.

The Dawn Doppelgänger Design Kit was purchased for a proof-of-concept that would drive a much larger installation. All-in-all the Canvas is a step in the right direction. The color range, attention grabbing scenes, and tile quality are great, but there are two areas of improvement: 1. The app UI/UX is unrefined & unintuitive. 2. The installation accessories are consumer-grade, which could be a problem for commercial installations, large residential ones, or those pushing creative boundaries.

For added context regarding this homeowner's idea, the project being designed and tested is a 25 x 15 tile, wall-to-wall / floor-to-ceiling, install that only becomes a lighting feature when powered on. The light panels will be placed behind ACRYLITE Satinice acrylic sheets for additional diffusion. In order to allow for service & maintenance, a subassembly of 5 x 5 panels is being created. This subassembly is being engineered to handle heat dispersion (e.g. Using perforated aluminum sheets as a substate. Additional airflow via fans still under review). Flex Linkers will allow a 1/4 inch reveal between each 5 x 5 sub-panel or potentially extruded aluminum mounting channel / trim (final design dependent on achieving an understated / minimalist aesthetic.) The utilmate goal of the project is to integrate the Canvas tiles in such away that only the homeowner and select guests know a light show is at-the-ready with the push of a button.



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