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Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror + Lightstrip Kit (TVs & Monitors Up to 85")

Take your entertainment beyond the screen. Nanoleaf 4D is a screen mirror camera kit that syncs the colors on your screen onto the addressable gradient LED lightstrip mounted behind it.

Experience the ultra-immersive "4D" effect as the vibrant backlighting illuminates your space with the colors from your favorite shows, movies, and video games.

For a levelled-up entertainment experience, enable "Sync+" in the Nanoleaf App to extend the screen sync effects across 50+ Nanoleaf RGB lights—like Nanoleaf Shapes, Lines, and Essentials.

- Ultra Vivid Screen Mirroring
- Trimmable Lightstrip
- Privacy Cover for Camera
- Use with TV Screens or Monitors

What's in the Box?

1x Screen Mirror Camera
1x Camera Mount
1x Magnetic Privacy Cover
1x Addressable Gradient Lightstrip
4x Lightstrip Corner Brackets
1x Nanoleaf 4D Controller
1x Power Supply

Customer Reviews

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Tamekia Reid

Nanoleaf 4D | TV Screen Mirror + Lightstrip SMK | 5.2 Meters | For TVs up to 85" | 12V, 24W | 100V-2


I have a 75" tv, I wish the arm was extendable to get a better view of the bottom corners when mounted at top. Clip doesn't fit securely on the bottom of the TV so I had to build a stand for it.

When set properly it works amazing, just wish there were more options with the built in camera clip/stand

Mike Riewer
Waste of money...

After spending way too many hours on this, I've just given up. I don't know if it's half baked software or the unit is crap, but it keeps crashing during setup and I can't seem to perform the hard reset anymore to start over the setup process. After having it crash 3 different times/performing a hard reset 3 different times, it simply will not work anymore. I'm now giving it(and myself) one day unplugged and will try the setup again tonight, but if a product can't even get through the setup process, what's the point? Sure seems like a waste of money at this point...Oh and lastly, the light strip was barely long enough for my 77" TV and I installed it 2" in from each edge, so good luck getting this to fit an 85" tv.

Xzaviar B.
Brilliance in a Box

We absolutely love our upgraded TV light kit. We previously had a HUE gen1 light strip behind the TV for ambiance. The Nano 4D takes that experience to a whole new level. The light is so rich and vibrant and the sync is spot on and quickly refreshes with the colors on the screen. Be sure to properly calibrate your light strip, I found you could do this and not need to cut any excess length. Just a personal choice for later use on a larger screen. Overall great investment and a beautiful addition to our other 18 LED fixtures in the home.

Omar Ramalho
Bigger TV not really suited for this

I own a 75in TV and the camera to capture the light on the screen seens to have a REAL hard time trying to pick up anything from the bottom and bottom sides of the TV. The top and top side ( upper half of the lateral) work nicely, but you can see the bottom is not as good. When you go into calibration mode you can see how the camera barely picks up things that are far away from it, making the experience less than optimal.

The product is cool specially at a sale price point ( 120 for my region) but if you want 100% fidelity you need to spend a bit more on a passthrough system



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