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Nanoleaf Lines Squared Smarter Kit (4 Lines)

Take customization to the next degree with Lines Squared. New 90º connectors finally let you create your dream Lines layouts with right angles. Make outlines, borders, X’s, squares, or anything else made possible by these new 4-point connectors. Use them alone, or combine with the original Lines for even more design freedom!

What's in the Box?

4x Light Lines
Square Mounting Connectors and tape
1x Controller Cap
100VAC - 240VAC Power Supply

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lines Squared totally hip

I’m so glad Nanoleaf released the Lines Squared kit with 90 degree connectors for $99. They look great, the new connectors allow me to build the designs I wanted, and I didn’t have to pay for more Lines than I needed.

Robert Eng
Worst Experience Buying Something in my Life

Purchased in beginning of December and arrived after a month of sending several emails to Nanoleaf Support asking where it was, sometimes getting ignored entirely.

Once I received it, it didn't work and the processor was clearly broken as the processor LED light never came on. Also burned my hand on the processor because it got so hot, possibly from a short. I tried all the troubleshooting steps myself and I'm still emailing back and forth with support to this day 3 weeks later. They're terribly slow to respond. Their support team continues to send canned responses and asks questions I've already answered. They had me download an app that feel suspiciously like malware to debug my phone which seemed to go into a blackhole. They've had me record a video redoing steps I've already done because they don't trust me. I'm still waiting for a response. This is a nightmare, I've wasted so much time.

Hello Robert, we are truly sorry for this trouble. This is the last thing we want our customers to experience. There are some troubleshooting steps we can help you with that should resolve this. Is there anyway we can reach you or have you also reached out to our Support Team regarding this issue? Looking forward to hearing from you so we can take care of this together!

Alicia McKenna
I want a refund! NEER GOT MY ORDER.

My order never came! I have told customer support multiple times. NO ONE replies to the emails ive been sending to get a refund. I asked for a new one to be sent never got a new tracking number nor did I get a reply for it aft "1-2" days of processing.


I love them so much. They are perfect.

Khayla E
Best Design

I cannot say enough about nanoleaf. They are a staple in my setup! Just like turning a new leaf, nano keeps it fresh!



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