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Shapes Hexagons Expansion (25 Pack)

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Product Overview

Level up your design by adding panels with the Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon Expansion Pack. Also available in Triangle and Mini Triangle—mix and match any panel shape from the Nanoleaf Shapes product line.

What's in the Box?

  • [25] Shapes Light Panels
  • [25] Linkers for connecting panels and Controller
  • [25] Double-sided adhesive Mounting Tape
  • [1] Quick Start Guide

Each Nanoleaf Shapes Controller supports up to 500 panels. Learn more supply sold separately, requires the Controller sold with all Nanoleaf Shapes Smarter Kits.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jacob B
Completed my setup

I luckily found this expansion during a sale and I couldn’t be happier! My entire wall is now covered, and I love how seamless the design and application was.

Serjay Zepeda
Absolutely creative freedom with these!

I cannot fathom how much I’ve waited to get my hands on these. Literally saved up and bought around 32 lights. I also got the 75W plug that will allow me to use all the lights. But the 25 pack comes with absolutely packaged care quality. And it’s neatly organized and compact so that you can easily unpack the entire box. . The instructions are very straight forward. I wish I could paste a picture of my finished project on here. And when you set up the design of your dreams via the app, the visual camera helps immensely so you can see how space you have. Plus being able to connect the shapes with the corner and flex cables absolutely makes this one of the best products to date in home decor. I might just end up filling my entire room with these.

Be careful though with the connectors. You don’t want to overexert force into placing them behind the plate. They will break and you’ll be SOL. The sticker mounts are very, VERY sticky so carefully place them on the wall and make sure you use a reference line on your wall so you can only use one sticker and not 3 like I did. However they were easy to pull off. Remember: pull vertically and not horizontally or toward you.

Lastly, the absolute creative freedom I get from this has me wanting to create walls of art during my free time. So many tiles, so many possibilities. I can say with certainty that one that is willing to use artistic expression in this, will undoubtedly find comfort in finding new ways to continue expanding on that passion.

Bobbie Garnet Bees

The Nanoleaf system should come with a warning sticker on the box stating that this product is addictive.
It's a very simple system to put together, but the way it works is amazing.
I love how even after you've had some panels in place and then add more panels the controller is able to find new panels, enrol them into the system, and map out the new layout.

After hanging a couple of panels you'll get used to putting connectors in place without removing the panel as you decide that you'd rather have a line go off this way instead of that way.

As another reviewer mentioned, it would be nice if the expansion packs prompted a quick check for the buyer to calculate the number of power supplies required.
Wasn't a big issue as the controller seems to determine how many power supplies there are in the system and then determines how many power supplies are needed and then sets the maximum brightness so as to not overdraw off the existing power supply(ies). Just sucked having to wait a couple of weeks to get my display back up to full power.

I haven't played around with creating any patterns yet, but that will probably come soon enough.
The only wish that I have is that it would be nice if the controller was able to accept a USB connection so that it could be fed audio directly from a computer.
Barring that, the microphone inside the controller seems to do a very decent job with the low audio levels from my computer in my apartment.

Kian Shahla

Disappointed that it didn't come with it's own power supply especially when the site says one power can supply a lot of them but for mine it's asking for 2 power supplies citing it will not be able to reach max brightness until 2 powers are added.

Hello Kian! Thank you so much for your valuable feedback, we will definitely send this off to our team for them to look into so we can enhance and improve our experience for the future.

Jonas Lima

Nanoleaf Shapes | Hexagon Expansion Packs (25PK)



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