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Nanoleaf Light Panels Single Panel Replacement

Product Overview

Replacement single panel for Nanoleaf Light Panels system.

What's in the Box?

  • [1] Nanoleaf Light Panels light panel
  • [1] Rigid Linker for Nanoleaf Light Panels
  • [4] Mounting Tape for Nanoleaf Light Panels

Requires Controller and Power Supply Unit sold separately. Learn more at Only compatible with the Nanoleaf Light Panels product line.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Hakan Kaplan

The panels I received have a darker finish to it and its not as bright as my main panels. Its esthetically unpleasant to look at.

Hi Hakan! We sincerely apologize for the experience and we would like to fix things for you. If you could get in touch with us at we’d be delighted to help.

Jordan Springer
great product

Product description should be updated to say that only 3 pieces of mounting tape come with it and not four.

What's in the box?

I recieved a light kit as a gift and so excited because I have wanted one for a long time I opened the box immediately and got to work on setting it up only to discover that a light panel some linkers and command strips were not included, but only after I had placed them on my wall, the customer service rep I was in contact with was amazing! Taking care of everything so I did not have to take everything down and return to where it was purchased. After some minor requests were made by this agent and delivered to her by me within a week a had everything I needed that should have come with the kit. She stayed with me on this service request the whole time . Not having to. Deal with multiple people on one issue does make a difference as I did not have to explain my situation to people who do not know what is going on with anything, she was a real pleasure to work with

Khush Gandhi
Great product backed by great after sales service

Great product backed by great after sales service

Kirk q.
Wrong piece

Nano leaf does not clearly indicate which triangle version this is. I accidentally ordered the new one when i need the previous version. I have been emailing support back and forward for 1 month now and they do not understand. I even attached photos of the exact version i have, they simply need to match it. This would be much fast over a phone. It takes to long for them to receive emails and respond back. terrible, i might as well throw the whole set away.

Hey Kirk! We’re really sorry to hear about your experience and the inconvenience this has caused you. This is definitely not on par with our standards. Please follow up with your support ticket and we will notify our support team. Thanks for understanding.



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