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Canvas Control Square

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Edward Vinales
Still Working accept..

Had my Nanoleaf Canvas squares for almost four years. First two years still working great than some firmware render the controller dead. Wasn't working for six months until a miracle happened! Start working again. Then happens again after six months. Called company and got a new free controller and too difficult to connect to app. So I purchase a new controller and Eureka! It works fine now! Still love these squares!

Frank D'Asero
Great Support!

Recently had to replace my Nano Square controller and was up and going within days and the rep made sure that I took advantage of any possible discounts. Very helpful!

Shawn Lotte
Had nothing but issues

My Canvas died and needed a new control panel. It was sent but was missing a linker, I emailed to have one sent but never got a reply so I needed to buy a pack, but a $10 pack turned into a 25 dollar pack with shipping and all I needed was one. It even shows a linker in the picture above but I did not get one so that was annoying. Set up was also annoying and none of my smart homes could see it. I eventually got it set up in Google Home but that's it. My Nanoleaf experience has been nothing but trouble.

Jason Henderson
Great when they work

I have a giant Canvas display and am really worried when Nanoleaf decides to discontinue the product because this is the 4th or 5th control panel I've had to purchase. Not to mention, some of my purchased sets were starter packs, so I already had extra control least the panel can be used in passive mode and I don't have to peel it out of my creation...but what am I going to do when they stop selling control panels...

Paul Adams
These things quit working after about 2 years

I love my canvas panels. They light up my kitchen under my overhead counters. I do wish they were a little more robust, the controller panel gives up the ghost after a year or two. This last order was to replace one of them for the second time and the other one for the first time. So in 4 years, I've had 3 failures. But when they're working, which is most of the time, they are great! Hopefully this set will last longer!



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