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Lightstrips Starter Kit

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Product Overview

All the beauty of Nanoleaf lighting, in a convenient RGBCCWW smart lightstrip. 80in | 2m Starter Kit and 40in | 1m Expansion available.

What's in the Box? (Starter Kit)

  • [1] 80in | 2m RGBCW, Self-Adhesive Lightstrip
  • [1] Controller
  • [1] 120V Power Supply (2-prong Canada/USA plug)
  • [1] Quick Start Guide
Each Lightstrips Controller supports a continuous length up to 400in | 10m. Multiple controllers can be grouped and operated together in the Nanoleaf App. Learn more at

Customer Reviews

Based on 164 reviews
Brian Krenz
Laggy, fails to pair, disconnects often

I had issues with my Hue lightstrips and bulbs, so I decided to switch over to the nanoleaf essentials offering (Thread + Matter!). Control of my lights has gotten noticeably worse. I have one bulb (out of 9 bulbs and 4 lightstrips) that just won't connect; that's not the end of the world – there's bound to be a lemon every now and then. Worse is that the lights that are connected randomly cut out, sometimes returning back on after a second or so but sometimes not for many minutes or more. This happens with multiple lights at least once a day. Using the Apple Home app, making adjustments to a light's color or brightness is almost always noticeably delayed, sometimes failing outright. In the nanoleaf app, forcing firmware updates is a major test of patience; lights fail to connect and the firmware updates take forever, if they work at all. I was excited to shift away from the hub-based Hue platform (itself prone to similar, though far less-frequent issues), but at this point I'm pretty disappointed in nanoleaf. Hopefully some firmware updates down the road will address these issues; I'll keep my fingers crossed. The lights themselves are seemingly well built. The color ranges are nice. I enjoy the angular design of the A19 bulb – feels on-brand. I just wish nanoleaf had the basics ironed out.

Garance A Drosehn
Quite bright!

I bought this light strip to provide lighting around my face while on video conferencing calls, where I wanted light coming from many angles to avoid shadows. All I wanted was the white-light options. I was surprised how much light is delivered by the white-light options. It's close to 10 times more than what I needed for video conferencing! Works great for what I wanted.

Alexx L
Very bright and colorful

very nice and vibrant colors, highly recommend

Carson T

I bought the Philips hue stuff originally and had a ton of trouble trying to get it to connect with my apple HomeKit. Nanoleaf has been much much better from that perspective. Big fan

Brandon Aye
App and Thread

Please update your App to make it more user friendly and easier to connect multiple devices to the Thread network. Also, customer service over for the phone would be highly convenient. My partner and I are on the verge of switching to Phillips Hue due to it's connectivity.



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