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Canvas Mounting Kit (25 Pack)

Kit Size

Product Overview

Designed for mounting your Nanoleaf Canvas to ceilings, uneven/porous surfaces, or anywhere that foam tape is unsuitable. One frame of the Screw Mount Kit is used to mount one light square. Each kit includes a suction cup removal tool for removing the light squares from the plates.

What's in the Box?

  • [25] Mounting Plates
  • [25] Rigid Linkers for Nanoleaf Canvas
  • [8] Flex Linkers
  • [100] Drywall Screws
  • [100] Drywall Anchors
  • [100] Plaster Anchors
  • 1 Suction Cup

Learn more at Only compatible with the Nanoleaf Shapes product line.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Pawan Rola
Not ideal for Roof installations

Every time a corner screw is tightened, the plate potentially changes shape at the corner and results in the panel locks not engaging properly resulting in use if tape to hold the tile additionally. Gor sure another product which creates a modular grid layout and then secured to the roof would be more manageable..

Robert Rick
Not worth the money or effort

These mounts are incredibly hard to install and made me want to completely rethink my purchase of my canvas and extensions. I bought some mounting tape instead and it was a lot better and way cheaper

Horrible - avoid at all costs

I got 50 screw mounts well over a year ago, I was just smart enough to stop installing around panel 20. I can't imagine a device better engineered that will forcefully eject your canvas panels during installation and/or at random times. I've woken up in the middle of the night as a panel will fly off the ceiling having finally given up to whatever idiotic forces this mount puts on it to 'keep it in place'.

Well over 100 dry wall anchors in my ceiling, ultimately removed them and replaced with velcro strips. Waste of time, money, and sanity.

Hey! Thank you for your valuable feedback. Our apologies for the experience with the Mounting Tape. We’ll be sure to let our team know to further look and see what we can improve for an overall better experience in the future.

Constantln Alexieiev


Absolutely a waste of money

After spending over $3000 on NANOLEAF canvas to get the ultimate wall, I’m left with a terribly screw mount kit on my wall without my canvas sticking to it. No matter how you do it, even pushing it with harder, aligning correctly, you have NANOLEAF canvas panels that don’t actually work with the mount kit. After 75 panels and 75 wasted mount kits, you are better finding a cheaper China clone pair online. Don’t waste your money.

Hello! Thank you for your feedback. Apologies for the experience you’ve had with your Nanoleaf Canvas. We would like to hear more from you about what we can do to help. Please reach out to our support team at



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