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Nanoleaf Skylight Starter Kit (3 Pack)

Product Overview

Modular flush-mounted smart ceiling light panels that take your lighting to new heights. Mimic the effect of the natural sky with Nanoleaf Skylight's diffused multi-point lighting and expand your layout with additional panels to capture the full skylight experience.

- Bright Functional Lighting

- Cool & Warm Whites (2600K - 6500K)

- 16M+ Colors with Dynamic Scenes

- Hard-wire one main panel, and extend with up to 99 more.

* Hardwiring required—basic electrical experience is recommended for installation. The installation should be done by a professional electrician.

What's in the Box?

  • 1x Nanoleaf Skylight Controller Panel
  • 2x Nanoleaf Skylight Expansion Panels
  • 1x Mounting Plate
  • Power Wires
  • Communication Linkers
  • Screws

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ron Gordon
Great sky light

I love the color spectrums you can set. App is smooth, can turn on/off with Siri.

Finally Light in the Darkness!

My home office is in the darkest corner of the house, and it's always had a really dismal overhead light. I replaced that with a Nanoleaf Skylight. I was originally thinking I'd need a lot more than 3 panels, but it turns out I have to keep it turned down to 80%; more panels would be too bright! (mind you, this is a small room) I also have 7 hexes directly over my desk, and some number north of 30 triangles on my wall, so I've got a lot of Nanostuff already. But this light really makes the room. I absolutely love it. Though mounting it gave us another reason to hate the 60s popcorn ceiling in here. (as if we needed more) I mostly use various shades of white, mostly in the warm range, but in the evening, it, along with all my other home office Nanoleafs, automatically switches to reds and oranges to remind me it's bedtime. It's a superb replacement for the former miserable ceiling light. I just love it.

Paul Haselhorst
Finally a Smart Ceiling Light!

I have been waiting forever for a decent ceiling smart light that was not just meant for an office or kitchen! I like it so much I'm buying more for the rest of my home.

Nanoleaf Skylight

Excellent can truly be set to look like a skylight. Everyone that has seen it so far thought it was a skylight.

Kevin Tillman
wish i never bought

Spent way too much time on these. 1) if the light box is not exactly even, the plate is adjustable, but not 100%. This left with a cm crooked to the wall. In a small room this is noticeable. That cm difference grows larger with expansion lights attached. Placed in a larger room. 2) stuffing the connected wires is difficult with plate being small. Basically took 3 tries to get the wires to stay attached. 3) because its flush to the ceiling you can't see well. 5) Partly my fault, threw away instructions. Got new phone went to pair, the qr code sticker is on the ceiling side. %@$S. btw, the lights will show a darkish area in the centre.



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